Five Reasons to Choose Sisal Flooring

Posted on: 13th June 2017

Do you love the look and feel of natural materials but want something that is fashionable as well as practical for your floor covering? Sisal is a fibre that is extracted from the versatile – a related species is used to make tequila – Agave plant. The fibres can then be woven into rope, twine, clothes footwear and, of course, flooring. Sisal flooring has been growing in popularity in recent years, particularly for the environmentally conscious. Here are five reasons that it makes a superb material for flooring.

Alternative flooring's Sisal Blenheim carpet

1. Durable Sisal

This is an organic flooring solution that is tough, making it perfect for hallways and high traffic areas.

2. Stylish Sisal

Combining everyday practicality with rustic charm, our sisal flooring is available in a wide variety of weave patterns and densities.

3. Natural Sisal

Traditionally woven using natural fibres, sisal can be supplied in a number of beautiful organic shades. 

4. Versatile Sisal

This is a practical, stylish flooring that is suitable for the bedroom, dining room, lounge, stairs or home office. 

5. Sustainable Sisal

An award-winning brand with creativity and innovation at their core, our sisal manufacturers Alternative Flooring are committed to using 100% natural and renewable materials. As well as sisal, they also make sustainable wool, grass and jute floorings. 

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