Five Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Wooden Flooring

Posted on: 7th September 2018

Real wood flooring is an investment that can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Whilst the character of wood changes over time and natural patterning adds to its charm, follow our care tips to avoid unnecessary damage to your flooring.  

Too Much Water

Whether your floor is sealed with a water-damage resistant protective layer or has been treated with oil, lacquer or varnish it is still prone to moisture. Using a traditional string mop will slosh far too much water around and will slowly cause your floor to warp, discolour and get damaged. Use a flat mop such as one with a microfibre or sponge head. Soak the mop head in the cleaning solution and wring it out before using so that the mop is only damp to the touch. 

Microfibre Mop Used on a Real Wood Floor

The Wrong Products

Regular cleaning is essential, but making sure the right products are being used is just as important. Vinegar and ammonia can affect the protective sealant used on most wood floors, always use diluted mixtures or use a specific product designed for hardwood floors. A PH balanced solution is usually best. 

Only Using a Vacuum

Even if your vacuum cleaner has a hardwood attachment, always sweep or dust first. Reaching straight for the vacuum can lead to pushing around damaging dirt that can get stuck in the bristles and scratch your floor. A flat microfibre mop used dry is great for collecting up dust, dirt and debris without scratching your floor, or else use a soft bristled broom to remove surface dirt before using the vacuum to pick up any remaining dust. 

Wearing Shoes in the House

High heels are the worst offender when it comes to damaging floors, but wearing any footwear around the house can cause lasting damage. Make sure you have doormats at exterior doorways and wipe shoes before coming into the house at the very least – but taking shoes off is best!

High heeled shoes and a cute dog on a wood floor

Forgetting About Pets!

You should keep your dogs nails trimmed for their sake, but also to avoid damage to your floors! Make sure to wipe your dogs paws after walks, especially in the winter – grit will hurt your poor pooch and will damage your floor too. Using a protective wax on their paws in the winter will keep your dog in top health, Mushers Wax is all natural and safe to use with wood floors. 

If you have cats, check their nails regularly to see if they need trimming too – whilst cats retract their nails when they walk, their nails can get very sharp and will damage if your cat decides to scratch the floor! 

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