Flooring for Children's Bedrooms

Posted on: 8th December 2017Stylish Childrens Bedroom

Anyone with children will know that when it comes to decorating their bedroom, they know best. Tangerine will be their favourite colour in two months, promise! The car shaped bed is better for sleepovers than bunk beds! Fortunately, flooring is often overlooked by little ones and this important decision is left to you. 

Choosing the right floor for your child’s bedroom comes with many unique considerations. It needs to somehow be comfortable, warm, soft, durable, stain resistant and easy to clean all at once. And those are just the practical characteristics, let alone the aesthetic! 


Carpet is the most common choice for children’s bedrooms. Carpet is soft, plush and comfortable to play on and its softness also protects little ones from bumps and falls. Carpet and underlay insulates a room thermally and acoustically – an important consideration for any aspiring musicians! 

Durability and stain-resistance used to be a concern for carpets, however we stock ranges that don’t compromise on comfort or durability. We have many ranges that are easy to clean, stain-resistant, fire-resistant, non-fraying and comfortable to the touch.  One of our most popular ranges – the Heckmondwike Supacord, has been used in UK classrooms for over forty years, and is one of the most durable carpets available. 


Vinyl flooring has had quite the makeover in recent years and is now one of the most luxurious, eco-friendly and durable products available. Soft and comfortable underfoot, waterproof, easy to clean and extremely hard wearing it’s a great choice for children’s bedrooms. Vinyl is hard to damage, rip or tear and is low maintenance to look after. Vinyl also offers good insulation for warmth and noise reduction. 

Many of our ranges look like authentic wood flooring, looking just like the real thing – without the price or upkeep! If allergens are a worry, vinyl is a great choice for children with asthma or allergies as it’s much easier to keep hard surface flooring free of dust mites, pollen and other allergens. 

Visit our showroom and browse our huge range of quality flooring options. Our friendly team can help you choose the right option and organise delivery and installation for you too. 

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