Hoover Without Hurting Your Back

Posted on: 13th September 2017

Taking care of your back whilst undertaking day-to-day tasks, at home or at work, is one of the most important things you can do for your health. We all know how easy it is to take these things for granted – until slouching over a desk for long periods of time starts to take its toll. Whether you have an existing back condition or want to ensure you don’t harm your back in the first place, there are some simple tips you can take into consideration when it comes to protecting your back. In this week’s blog, we offer you our advice on how to undertake housework, such as hoovering, without hurting your back.

A man vacuuming a carpet

Attention to Detail

Whether you enjoy housework or not, it’s important to put your mind to the task as well your back. It may sound overly simple but, if you pay attention to what you are doing, you will be more aware of how you are using your body. Household chores, such as hoovering, dusting and mopping, all involve repetitive movements. Repeatedly bending, lifting and pushing are all motions that could hurt your back if you do not pay attention to your posture. Stand upright and use your arms and legs to take the weight of the movement rather than your back.

Time Management

Managing your time is always easier said than done but, if you give some consideration to how much time it takes to hoover and do all your chores, you can spread the tasks out over the week. This way, you will not spend long periods of time undertaking one particular task: the repetitive nature of which may hurt your back.

Alternative options

If you already have an existing back condition, which could be aggravated by hoovering, why not consider another flooring type? You may find that a vinyl or wood flooring is more suitable, particularly if you find mopping the floor more manageable than vacuuming. A mop and broom with a longer handle will also be helpful if you already struggle in this area. 

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