How to Care for Your Carpets This Christmas

Posted on: 14th December 2017Wine spilt on a cream carpet at Christmas.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the smell of Christmas trees filling your home, glasses of mulled wine warming you up after a stroll in the snow: wonderful! But for your carpets, a nightmare! Christmas tree needles all over the floor, drinks spilt, muddy boots! Don’t worry about the inevitable accidents, just relax and enjoy the season with our top tips for caring for your carpets. 

Looking After Your Tree

If you have a real tree, carry it in carefully, don’t drag it! Prepare the area before bringing in the tree, lay down newspaper or a sheet for easy clean up once you’ve released the tree from its protective netting. Once the tree is in position, a decorative skirt or base protects your floor from needles and sap. 

Watering your tree will prevent needle drop, if the tree dries out the needles will fall! A potted tree will last longer that one with a sawn-off trunk, but the pot will be heavy and needs to sit on a saucer. A saucer will catch any spills as well as help to spread the weight of the tree, reducing dents in the carpet. 

A Very Merry Christmas

If someone gets a bit too merry and spills their mulled wine on your lovely cream carpets, don’t panic – but do act fast! Pat the spillage from the edges inwards with a clean, dry cloth – don’t rub! Make a mild solution of one tablespoon of liquid detergent with one tablespoon of white vinegar and two cups of warm water. Blot the stain with a little of the solution until it’s gone away. Use as little of the solution as possible to prevent soaking the carpet and damaging the underlay. 

If your carpet is worse for wear after Christmas, book a carpet cleaner who can deep clean your carpets and get them looking as good as new for the new year. If a deep clean isn’t going to be enough, visit our showroom and ask us about our stain resistant carpets. 

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