Shopping for Carpet: Jargon Buster

Posted on: 30th August 2017

What do the terms 'pile', 'loop' and 'twist' all have in common? You can probably guess that they relate to carpet manufacture, but explaining the individual definitions of these words could prove more tricky. You might come across them when you're shopping for carpet, so it can help to know the basics. 

Close up of a carpet

To assist you in finding the right style of carpet to suit your home, we've put together this handy jargon buster for six terms you may encounter.

  • Pile. This is the strands of yarn that are attached to a backing, forming your carpet. Traditionally made of wool, nowadays carpet pile is often made with a variety of synthetic fibres such as nylon or polyester.
  • Loop pile. This is a type of carpet construction that consists of loops of yarn. The loops are either formed at the same height (level loop) for a smooth surface, or in varied heights, for a textured effect.
  • Cut pile. Carpet fabric where the lips have been cut. Carpets can also be made of a mixture of cut and loop.
  • Berber. Traditionally a carpet constructed of coarse yarns, with random flecks of colour against a background colour.
  • Twist. A yarn manufacturing process where fibres are twisted around each other and heatset, forming stronger, more defined yarn.
  • Velvet cut pile. The softness of the velvet is created by an evenly distributed, dense pile, where the loops are cut very short.

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