5 Things The Great Interior Design Challenge has Taught Us about Flooring

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Interior designers Daniel Hopwood and Sophie Robinson have been putting the amateurs through their paces in the BBC’s The Great Interior Design Challenge. 16 amateur designers must transform a room each according to the brief of the homeowner on a budget of £1000 – and all in only three days. The best contestants pay attention to every detail of their rooms, and that includes the floor. Here are five things that The Great Interior Design Challenge has taught us about flooring so far.

1. “Where there’s a lack of colour, you’ve got to really ramp up the texture.”

Stripped back Scandinavian designs are all the rage. White walls, minimal furniture and sanded wooden floorboards give an elegant look, but don’t ignore the feel of the fabrics you employ.

2. “Choosing one fabric and matching it everywhere shows a real lack of creativity.”

We’ve all rented houses from landlords that buy unimaginative (and cheap) beige carpet to cover every square metre of floor. Now you’re a homeowner, you can be more creative.

3. “You can always brighten up a cold floor with a rug.” 

Rugs and mats come in all sorts of styles from elegantly woven Persian to faux-fur, you are bound to find something to sink your toes into.

4. “Clashing fabrics are bright and jolly and give a room vibrancy.”

 Sophie Robinson likes things to clash. Stripes and chevrons on the rug and a lime green carpet might be a step too garish for your average home, but the general principle is that clashing patterns stop a room from feeling drab.

5. “Paint floorboards black for a dramatic finish.” 

A dark colour on the floor gives a room a depth and sense of gravity that it might otherwise lack.

Has the Great Interior Design Challenge inspired you to redesign your room – but you’re unsure how to pair it with the appropriate flooring? One of our experts can come to your home with a sample book and help you work out the best flooring for the style of room you want. Call us on 01603 879359 to arrange an appointment.

The final of The Great Interior Design Challenge is on BBC Two next week, at 7pm from Monday to Wednesday. Catch up with the series so far on BBC iPlayer.