Trend of 2018: Herringbone

Posted on: 16th February 2018Classic Oak Herringbone by Boen

Herringbone is a traditional pattern that’s been around for hundreds of years, the Romans used it to pave roads and since then it has been one of the most popular and enduring designs for parquet flooring. The interlocking weave of rectangles was a popular pattern during the Roman Empire, and was also used for textiles and embroidery – today you might recognise it as twill or tweed. Whilst it has never really been out of fashion, herringbone has been a growing interiors trend for the past few years and 2018 is set to be the pattern’s year. 


These are all examples of Herringbone flooring from our suppliers - featuring Amtico, Boen and Polyflor. 

No Limits to Flooring

Whilst traditionally herringbone was the preserve of expensive parquet flooring, found only in the homes of wealthy stately homes and manors – these days it’s a floor for all budgets and styles. We supply and install herringbone patterns in real wood, engineered wood and in luxury vinyl – from the most silvery birch to the warmest oak to the darkest maple. 

What’s the Difference Between Herringbone and Chevron?

These two patterns are quite similar, both using equal length pieces arranged in a zig zag, but there is a clear difference between the two. Herringbone is crafted by laying rectangular planks of wood at angle to each other, and staggered so that the end of the plank meets the side of another. Whereas chevron uses rectangular planks with the ends cut at an angle which are laid in a straight line. 


Do you love the classic lines of herringbone? Visit our showroom to herringbone flooring in real wood, engineered wood and luxury vinyl! 

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