Floors for the Elderly – Anti-Slip Wet Room Flooring

Posted on: 31st May 2018Elderly person in wet room.

Ageing is a natural process, but unfortunately as we grow older our physical health can start to deteriorate. A decline in physical health can make performing day-to-day tasks much harder. The elderly are rightly concerned to avoid slips, trips and falls. Bathrooms are a common site of accidents, with wet surfaces often a major factor. Wet rooms are a good choice for reducing these accidents and with the right anti-slip wet room flooring, there will be no risk of your loved ones slipping and hurting themselves. 

Non-Porous Tiles 

A wet room is a practical solution to a potentially dangerous issue. The right flooring is vital and ensures no accidents will occur in the wet room. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the common choices for bathrooms but have some considerable downsides:

  • Potentially dangerous – Although they are waterproof and are commonly used in bathrooms, porcelain and ceramic tiles can become very slippery when wet. This is not ideal for older people who could possibly take a tumble on the tiles and get seriously hurt. 
  • Risk of damage – Porcelain and ceramic tiles can be chipped and cracked in accidents, which can be a pain to repair and cost money to replace. Cracked and chipped tiles may also pose a threat to the bare feet that will be using the bathroom.
  • Harder to clean – Over time, tiles start to become a bit grimy and become harder to maintain. They need to be cleaned regularly and the tile grouting requires extra careful cleaning. 

Vinyl Floor Coverings 

Vinyl flooring is now much more than a practical floor covering. We stock products from some of the industry leaders, including Gerflor, Tarkett and Altro. Here are some of the main reasons vinyl flooring is ideal for wet rooms:

  • Durability – Vinyl flooring is among the most durable floor coverings on the market and is perfect for areas that will have heavy use. It won’t be affected by constant use and we have products from industry-leading manufacturers which are suitable for use in any room. 
  • Slip resistant – Vinyl flooring can be supplied in slip-resistant form. All of our suppliers of vinyl flooring produce their own slip-resistant vinyl floor coverings, which are ideal for bathrooms.
  • Affordable – Compared to other floor coverings, vinyl flooring is much more affordable and due to its long lifetime, it will give you good value for money. 
Our Altro Marine Vinyl flooring in a wet room.

Our Fitting Process

We have a team of expert installers, all of whom are Reform Flooring employees. This team have been trained in the installation of our full product range and we will only ever trust them to carry out our work, never subcontractors. This allows us to maintain our high-quality standards at all times. 

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