Care Tips for Sisal and Seagrass Carpets

Posted on: 23rd May 2018Our Sisal flooring from Alternative Flooring.

Compared to other more conventional carpets, Sisal and Seagrass carpets are much more hard wearing. The tough, natural fibres are fairly resistant to dirt. However, in some circumstances, when there is more than just a fine layer of dust on the carpet, action needs to be taken. Knowing exactly how to take care of your Sisal and Seagrass carpets will prevent lasting damage and keep your carpet in as good a condition as when you bought it.

General Maintenance 

Generally, regular vacuuming is all that is needed to keep any kind of carpet in top condition. If you have a hoover with a rotating brush this is ideal. You should look to hoover your carpets as often as you do other cleaning in your house. 

Every six months or so, apply a neutral PH carpet cleaning solution to Sisal and Seagrass carpets. Mist a fine spray of the substance in an even coating. You should apply the cleaner and then mop it away with a slightly damp cloth. Make sure you use an undyed cloth when mopping the water off of the carpet as you don’t want to transfer colour from cloth to carpet. 

Red wine spilt on carpet.

Spills and Stains 

If you have an accident where you spill a substance on your Sisal or Seagrass carpets, you should act immediately. Try and remove as much as possible and again, use a neutral PH carpet cleaner to help you. You should blot the stain and not scrub the substance as this can spread the stain and cause more damage to your carpets. 

Curled Carpet Corners 

If your Sisal or Seagrass carpets are in an area where there will be lots of traffic and people shuffling their feet, then it is likely that the corners of your carpet might begin to curl over. You can try to cure this by flattening the corners back down and putting a heavy object over the corner overnight. Once should do the trick but, if not, repeat the process.  

Our Sisal and Seagrass Carpets 

We supply Sisal and Seagrass carpets from British manufacturer Alternative Flooring. This highly passionate company are an award-winning brand and are committed to using 100% natural and renewable material in their products. Our Sisal carpets are available in a number of different shades, come with a wide variety of weave patterns and are extremely hard wearing.

Our Seagrass carpets are a great choice for a number of different rooms, also coming in a variety of different weave patterns. They are extremely hard wearing making them a good choice for hallways and other high traffic areas of your home.

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