Three Flooring Tips for Small Spaces

Posted on: 17th May 2018A small living room with a cream carpet.

When decorating small spaces, creating the right balance between a room being inviting and over-cluttered can be a struggle for even the most experienced interior designers. Flooring can have a big effect on smaller spaces. If used correctly, it can make smaller rooms appear much bigger than they actually are. 

Best Tips for Small Spaces

Here are some of the top flooring tips for small spaces:

  • The illusion of space – Wooden flooring is a good choice for creating the illusion of more space. Running planks parallel to the longest wall of the room is one way you can create this illusion, giving off the effect that the space has expanded visually. 
  • Make space for flooring – Don’t sit cupboards and shelving units on the floor. Hang them on the wall. This will free up some more valuable floor space. 
  • Choose light carpets – Plain carpets are the best choice for small spaces, as a patterned design can provide too much visual clutter. Choose carpets in lighter shades that will make better use of the light in the room. 

Our Fitting Process

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